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Kawakami praised Michael Crabtree’s talent by referring him as Superman


Posted by debasmita | Posted in Crabtree Zone | Posted on 10-01-2013

This is actually the way Michael Crabtree has always wondered to play and the way his fans expected him to play. Michael was known to be graceful, unstoppable and unavoidable in the school and college days, the same thing reflected from him while playing Saturday’s match against Green Bay.

Running back Frank Gore said that his playing or performance is not surprising anymore for the team, as they are used to it. Saturday’s match was the recent burst of production. Frank Gore referred to him as Texas Tech Crabtree.

The previous five games was totally different than Carbtree’s previous level of performance, differentiated by Crabtree’s health, elusiveness and consistency and also his clear connection to the quarter back Colin Kapernick.

Needless to say that his first 53 games were enough but unspectacular and are weighed down because of leg and foot injuries. It is because of his high-end performance in the last five matches that he was termed as Superman. From the last five games that he played, Crabtree got 35 receptions, four touchdowns, and an average of 107.6 yards that helped Crabtree build his career highs in touch down, receiving yards and receptions.

The production surge happened because of his great chemistry with Kaepernick who begin the seven games of regular season. In the last 5 crucial matches, Kaepernick targeted Crabtree in an average of 11.3 times, almost double the rate of the earlier 11 games.


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