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Michael Crabtree is in his best form


Posted by debasmita | Posted in General Crabtree | Posted on 19-12-2012

After a thrilling win against New England Patriots, it seems like Michael Crabrtree is in his best form. On Sunday night football, Crabtree helped his team 49ers receive corps. It was a great match to watch, especially Crabtree high-end performance that will not allow you divert your attention. Michael finished the match with 7 receptions for a total of 107 yards along with two receiving touchdowns that even includes the game winner.

But in the fourth year of the league, it seems like Michael has broken through. After several years of weakness within an offense that did not helped him utilize his talent properly, Michael has displayed his capability to hurt defenses. In the 15th week, the 49ers as well as the Patriots engaged to haymakers that helped them score 75 points and shockingly, the Niners scored majority of the points.

Michael sustained to be a chain mover, especially when he was on third down and went to target for Colin Kaepernick. Both of them showed great chemistry already that they could actually involve into something really special. His tremendous ability to help maintain drives and deliver with some great scores has made him a precious asset in the offense. How can anyone forget fis blue collar effort as a blocker?

In Sunday’s match it was Crabtree who landed the final blow that determined their triump against the England Patriots. After the 62 yard kickoff coming back by none other than La Michael James with the game tied at 31, Crabtree suddenly caught a pass on a brief pattern by putting a move on the defender and taking it to the distance.

Michael is playing for San Francisco team since a long time. During his early days, he used to play college football and he was also recognized as the top college receiver of Nation. After he left college, he was selected by team San Francisco with the 10th overall pick in the NFL Draft 2009.





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