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Crabtree helps charity with his hip-hop dance performance


Posted by debasmita | Posted in Crabtree Zone | Posted on 22-11-2012

If you ever get a chance to watch Michael Crabtree dance after a touchdown, smile freely because he is doing this for the sake of charity.

MichaelCrabtree pictureThe player is associated with Ubisoft and the organization has already received help from some renowned players like LeSean McCoy, Von Miller and many more.

The 49ers receiver Crabtree is happy with his new celebration style that is inspired by a video game. His Hip Hop dance move is only for the charitable donation to the Boys & Girls Club. The receiver spoke to a news channel about his new celebration style and how he felt while taking the decision.

If there is anyone who are willing to follow his leadership and copy his dance moves, can take a look at the video uploaded by Ubisoft . Ubisoft has specially uploaded the video to entertain the viewers. This is also a unique way to earn some cash for charity while entertaining the fans of both football and dance.

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