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Crabtree on Redshirting


Posted by Crabtree Zone | Posted in General Crabtree, Texas Tech | Posted on 14-08-2008

When Michael Crabtree arrived at Texas Tech in 2006, he was an eager freshman looking to make an instant impact on the field. However, he had never played wide receiver and wasn’t quite as polished as some of the other players on the team. But no one could deny his raw talent and ability to make plays. So Texas Tech coaches decided to redshirt him his freshman year.

“It was disappointing to sit out that first season, but I was learning to be patient,” Crabtree said. “And I was learning stuff all the time. That first game was so important to me because I had been waiting for it so long. Now, it’s like every time I get on the field, I try to build on it.”

Last year Crabtree busted on the scene and had some huge games right away. He came out firing.

One thing that’s bad about the redshirt is that Texas Tech fans now only have 1 more season to enjoy him. 2008 will be his last year as a Red Raider, you can count on it. Even though he has plenty of eligibility, Michael Crabtree will be ready for the NFL and the millions of dollars that comes with it. You just can’t risk injury when there is guaranteed money on the table.

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